Attacking Using Offensive DiscsΒΆ

In order to attack enemies using discs, you first need to acquire one or more enemies as disc targets.

To mark an enemy CAT as disc target, you need to deal it a certain amount of damage in a single hit (currently 40 points), which makes it impossible to acquire disc targets using the SMG2 Sub-Machinegun or MG2 Minigun.

Once you’ve acquired one or more disc targets, you can launch an offensive disc by pressing the “Launch Disc” button (right mouse button by default).

The type of offensive disc that will be launched depends on your CAT’s loadout.

The disc will go after the disc target nearest to your position and the target will be removed from your list of disc targets. So if you have aquired multiple disc targets you’ll have to press the “Launch Disc” button multiple times to send discs after all of them.