Standard CAT

CATs are humanoid combat units that can carry Weapons and are outfitted with head-mounted Disc and Grenade launchers.

The name “CAT” (short for catenate) comes from the fact that it’s the only form with the ability to capture territory zones in Ethernet Mode.


Standard CATs have 75 health points. Health is lost if a CAT takes more damage than its damage buffer can absorb or if it’s hit by a weapon that by-passes the damage buffer. If a CAT loses all its health, the CAT is erased and depending on game mode, its controlling player is forced into Etherform.

Damage Buffer

Standard CATs have a 25 point damage buffer. The buffer constantly recharges back to 25 points.

Damage Damper

Standard CATs have a 100 point damage damper, which serves as the CAT’s first line of protection against damage. If full, it reduces damage by 50%. The damage reduction decreases in a linear fashion with decreased damage damper levels.

Or to put it another way: The lower your damage damper is, the more damage you take.

Note: A lot of weapons draw power away from the damage damper when fired, so it’s generally a bad idea to fire weapons indiscriminately.

Impulse Damper

Standard CATs have a 100 point impulse damper, which works similar to the damage damper, except protecting against impulses instead of damage and reducing impulse by up to 75%. Modules that draw power away from the impulse damper when used are the Etherboard and the X-Jump.

Additional Modules

Depending on game mode and loadout, CATs are outfitted with modules that extend the CAT’s abilities. See the CAT Modules section for an overview of all existing modules.